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Happy New Year

As I look back on the past year, my first year with A Helping Hand, I had 17 clients I helped throughout the year.

Most of them I still see regularly: some daily, some every other day, some weekly. For most of them I can tell you their life story they have shared with me and all about their children. I communicate daily with some of the adult children of my clients and help keep them abreast of their parents' day to day activities. I cherish each one of my clients, who I now call friends.

On the home-front, my son ,Eli, is now taller than me and has his driver's permit. My son ,Sam, is now taller than my wife and has a few more weeks of basketball left in the season. My wife, Brenda, is coming up on her first year at First Citizens Bank working as an Operations Specialist. She says she works with the best group of ladies around.

We have been blessed in 2018 and hope the new year brings peace and joy to our family, friends and our country.

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