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Good-bye Friend

Saying good-bye to a friend. And a client. One of Vern's clients for over a year passed away last week. He knew she was failing and was able to share that with Carol's daughter, Nancy, so she could be here in the last days.

Vern visited Carol in the Nora Springs Nursing Home 3 times a week. Vern and Carol enjoyed playing solitaire on the iPad, watching the bird feeder out of her window, going on short walks and joking and laughing. They shared stories about their families as well of pictures of their children. Vern was able to send photos and daily messages to Nancy regarding her mom.

Vern also was able to get Carol out of the nursing home for doctor's appointments, visits with her brother and cards with her friends.

Vern was asked to speak at Carol's Celebration of LIfe. Last Sunday he spent over 3 hours going over pictures and preparing how to describe his time with Carol.

Vern cherishes his time and his friendship with Carol. She will be missed.

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