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Home Care for Family

As you can see, Vern's mom, Mary, is in a wheel chair and has a sling. About a month ago, Mary was getting out of bed and broke her hip, but her smile is still there. The fall also broke her hip and 2 ribs. After having surgery and a stay at IOOF, Mary made it home on Friday. Mary needs someone with her all the time especially while she walks. She cannot get up without someone there for lift assist. A Helping Hand employees have been amazing, as usual. Pictured with Mary, is her granddaughter Helen from Seattle WA. Helen, her husband, Jeremy, and son Emmett, camped their way through southern Canada, spent some time with Jeremy's family in Wisconsin, and then headed our way. We had a wonder visit with her and they spent the night with us. Then they spent them morning with Mary at IOOF. They are off to the great southwest before heading back to Seattle. Mary is home and Vern is getting her up to walk every few hours to hopefully get her strength back. For now, Vern is spending most of the day and night with her as our employees fill in the gaps. Prayers for Mary - she is a fighter.

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Mary-Margaret Balek Ries
Mary-Margaret Balek Ries
Aug 28, 2023

OH! I did not know that! Please let her know that we are keeping you ALL in our prayers! She looks wonderful! Most likely because of the great care she is receiving! ((HUGS)) and best wishes for a swift recovery! Mary-Margaret and LeRoy Ries

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