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Mary is recovering

Memorial Day is for remembering those we have lost and decorating their headstone. Vern took his mom decorating the Friday before the weekend. As he placed flowers down by the headstone of Mary's siblings, Mary fell. She got right back up and used her walker to get back to the car. Saturday, she was a little sore...Sunday, a little more... and by Monday Vern could tell she was in a lot of pain. So on Tuesday after a trip to the ER and a CT Scan, we found out Mary had 2 fractures in her clavicle, one in her spine and one fractured rib. After 3 days in the hospital, Mary got to come home and A Helping Hand Home Care has been taking care of her. Vern has the night shift and has gotten very good at putting in curlers. Mary is getting stronger and the pain is a little less everyday. She is a trooper!! The picture below is Mary and one of our helpers enjoying a graduation party for the helper's granddaughter.

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