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Ohhhh the wind!!

Who knew the wind last Sunday could cause broken bones, but that is what happened to Vern’s mom, Mary. Mary said good-bye to her husband of 49 years 18 months ago, had 2 back surgeries and was getting back to her old self. On Sunday, one of A Helping Hand employees brought Mary home after a lunch celebrating her 86th birthday. As she was getting out of the passenger side, the wind blew the door hard causing Mary to lose her balance and fall on the driveway. Mary weighs around 100 pounds so it didn’t take much wind, but such a strong wind really did a number on her.

Vern met Mary at the ER. Mary has a broken pelvis and elbow which require no surgery but a long healing process. The ligament in her foot also has some pain. Mary will spend a few weeks at Mercy One West Skilled Care with daily therapy and visits from Vern. She takes a few steps every day and has had many visitors.

We are so glad our employee, Anna, was so compassionate to Mary through it all and took such good care of her before taking her to the ER. We are forever grateful to all of our staff for visiting Mary. Mary has been a client of A Helping Hand since her back surgery, so she knows many of them.

This is a picture of our sons, Eli and Sam, with Mary the day before she fell.

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