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What has Vern been up to?

Vern has had some wonderful new clients and has helped them in many ways.

Vern has:

-changed a client's stoma bag

-wrapped a client's legs to prevent swelling since he is allergic to compression stockings

-changed a client's dressing on his burns

-went grocery shopping, transported clients to dialysis, church, events and appointments

-communicated with adult family members regarding their loved ones

-cleaned up after a client after a bout with diarrhea

-comforted a client's whose best friend had died.

The clients Vern has are not just people who hire him, they are his friends. He converses with them and they share their lives with him.

Vern went in to this job as a desire to help people who need is his passion. He loves going to work each day and shares his life with them as well.

Vern is living his dream - And it shows...

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